[Arch] Spark job submission breakdown

I did write the Spark deploy mode in this post too, but I realized that it would be too long, so I decided to split it into two posts. I suggest you to go to this to have a good and general view of Spark in the ecosystem. In this post, I will focus on … Continue reading [Arch] Spark job submission breakdown

[Arch] SparkContext and its components

When you work with Spark or read documents about Spark, definitely you will face SparkContext, which is inside the driver at client-side. This really made me confused and curious when I heard about it so I decided to dig into it. To summarize it in some words, I would say that SparkContext, in general, is … Continue reading [Arch] SparkContext and its components

[Arch] An overview of Spark components and their dependencies

I sketch here the components inside Spark and their dependencies so you can have a general overview of Spark. Each component is in charge of a particular function (of course). Straightforwardly, you can understand most of the components and their functions. I just explain some components that "not easy" to understand. - repl: the interractive shell … Continue reading [Arch] An overview of Spark components and their dependencies