[Tutorial]How to use spark-sql-perf

The situation is that: there’s one of our work need to be benchmarked. It’s still the SparkSQL Server that I designed and developed but new sharing technique was implemented and integrated into it. So, we decided to use the spark-sql-perf of Databricks to benchmark our work, and the benchmarked queries we used is TPCDS.


[Overview] Spark deploy modes

Spark has several deploy modes, this will affect the way our sparkdriver communicates with the executors. So, I want to say a little about these modes. Through Spark Deploy Mode document, we know that Spark has three deploy modes: Standalone: without having Yarn or Mesos, you can run your own cluster by starting a master … Continue reading [Overview] Spark deploy modes

Some experiences on building my own Pig

Pig is a high-level platform for creating MapReduce programs used with Hadoop. The language for this platform is called Pig Latin. Pig Latin abstracts the programming from the Java MapReduce idiom into a notation which makes MapReduce programming high level, similar to that of SQL for RDBMS systems. Pig Latin can be extended using UDF … Continue reading Some experiences on building my own Pig